Denix 1825 Brescia Italian Percussion Pistol Non- Firing Replica



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This reproduction Italian percussion pistol makes a great collectible or costuming piece for the discerning collector. It has intricate detailing on the handle cap, firing mechanism, and the barrel which give it a great antique look. Barrel length: 9 inches. Cannot fire real ammunition and cannot be altered to do so. Wood stock with engraved antique finish metal barrel and mechanism. Boxed. Made in Spain.

Percussion pistols were a technological upgrade from the flintlock pistol in that they use shock-sensitive explosives such as fulminate or mercury to fire the round rather than relying on the spark from flint striking the pan. This makes them far more reliable in wet conditions than their predecessors.

  • Non-firing reproduction
  • Wood handle
  • Ornate handle cap
  • Engraved firing mechanism and barrel
  • Length: 14.96" (38 cm)
  • Weight: 1.22 lbs (555 g)

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