Jamestown Glass Hand Blown Candle Holder - Cobalt



Before they were used as decorative elements or to add atmosphere on special occasions, candles were a necessary source of artificial light. After sundown most of the men in James Fort would probably rely on a campfire for light, whereas high-status gentlemen would have been able to afford candles, providing them with a private source of light for reading or writing.

Candlelight would also be necessary while working in one of the below ground cellars of James Fort’s early buildings. The simple design of this chamberstick, characterized by the short pricket (cup) and drip pan base (to catch the melting wax), would have been ideal for moving a lit candle from room to room.

These candle holders measure roughly 3 ¾” – 4 ¼” diameter at the base, 2 ½” – 3” tall, and will hold a standard taper candle (not included).

This reproduction piece was hand blown at the Jamestown Glasshouse and no two are exactly identical.

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