Cd Common Wealth

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The richness of Virginia's landscape and heritage are known the world over - the vast estuaries of the Chesapeake Bay region, the teeming fields of the Piedmont, the Blue Ridge Mountains and its valleys, with a long history of settlement, pioneering and war. This CD by local artist Timothy Seaman is a tapestry of musical styles - the hammered dulcimer, flute, whistle, guitar, keyboard and psaltery weave tales and pictures of the wonder that is the Old Dominion. Total Time 64:09. Artist: Timothy Seaman Record Label: Pine Wind Music Tracks: •Spartina •Shenandoah •Hiking in the Highland Firs •Preservation •Soldier's Joy •Quiet in the Meadow •Shepherd's Wife Waltz/Midnight on the Water •Jefferson/Lovely Joan •Hazel River •Amazing Grace •The Great Road •Here on the Ridge •Falcons Among Crags •Timberline Wander •Canon for Three Centuries (Pachelbel) •James & York Bluffs •Big Meadows Twilight •Taps

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