St.Nicolas Ornament - Alexander Hamilton



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This Alexander Hamilton ornament from St. Nicolas portrays Revolutionary War Leader, Founding Father, and first secretary of the treasury from 1789 to 1795 during George Washington's presidency. Alexander Hamilton (ca. 1755 - 1804) was a political scientist, economist and lawyer. He was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, founder of the Federalist Party and authored many Federalist Papers. Hamilton created the federal banking system and the US Mint. He founded the U.S. Coast Guard, the Bank of New York, the New York Post, and the Society for the Establishment of Useful Manufactures. He carries a document titled "The Federalist Papers" and wears a black coat and breeches trimmed in gold thread. The ornament is approximately 6.5" tall.

St. Nicolas specializes in bespoke, handmade decorations which are unique, beautiful and objects to treasure forever. Their small, London-based team is dedicated to creating fun, interesting and meaningful keepsakes for specialty and museum shops in the UK and around the world.For over 30 years they have worked with a small Christian charity in Thailand that helps women in rural areas find work within their community, rather than having to leave home to work in a city. 

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